Choose the perfect lease


standard lease

  • Upload and profit from mixtapes, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Sell up to 3,000 units and 100,000 streams
  • Untagged MP3
  • Scar retains ownership, must credit "Prod. Scar"


Premium Lease

  • Upload and profit from Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.
  • Sell up to 6,000 units and 250,000 streams
  • Untagged WAV
  • Scar retains ownership, must credit "Prod. Scar"


trackout lease

  • Upload and profit from Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.
  • Sell up to 12,000 units and 500,000 streams
  • WAV Stems
  • Scar retains ownership, must credit "Prod. Scar"



  • Upload and profit from mixtapes, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Sell unlimited units and unlimited streams
  • WAV Stems
  • Scar retains ownership,
    must credit
    "Prod. Scar"

Sound Kits



It (almost) always starts with the beat.  If you’re not inspired to write something within the first 20 seconds, I’m not doing my job.  My goal is to create a diverse enough catalog of beats so that artists of all styles can find an instrumental that best suites them.  I’m always down to create custom beats too, just ask!

Mixing and Mastering

The best song in the world isn’t going anywhere without a good mix.  Whether you’re an artist looking to get your song placed on a playlist or a producer looking to sell your beats, make sure the mix is solid.  Feel free to reach out for references of my most recent mixes and masters.  Email with subject line “Mix References” to hear my most recent work.

Sound Kits

Starting with quality sounds is KEY.  Need the right snare to cut thru your mix, or a melody to inspire?  Look no further.  All drums in my kits are processed using high quality transient designers and top of the line analog emulations such as 1176 compressors and Pultec EQs.  My melodies are unique and complex, and my hope is that they inspire you to create your best work yet.


In todays video I discuss my favorite go-to plugin, the GOAT of creative plugins (in my opinion), Shaperbox.  This thing really is a beast and will surely provide tons of inspiration for any beat maker.  I bought this plugin two years ago and I’ve used it in EVERY single project since the day of purchase.  If I had to describe Shaperbox in a nutshell, it’s Image Line’s Gross Beat on an absurd amount of steroids.  This VST / AU (comes in other forms for other DAWs as well) provides filters allowing you to modulate sounds using time, panning, volume, width, and filter based effects.  The coolest part is that you can stack filters on top of one another to get some really wild sounds.  I love throwing my melodies and synths thru Shaperbox because you really never know what sound you might end up with.  This plugin retails at $99 and in my opinion is worth every cent (I promise I’m not being paid by this company.. but Cableguys, feel free to sponsor your boy).  Try throwing your hi-hats or other percussion elements thru the pan filter to make your beats bounce from the right to left in the speakers.  Modulate your melodies with time and filter based effects to keep things interesting.  Keep experimenting and let me know what you guys figure out.  The possibilities with this thing are truly endless.  Check out the video below for a more in-depth breakdown of the plugin.


What up!  I’m Scar, a music producer and audio engineer from Pittsburgh, PA.  I started marking music after stumbling on a video of Metro Boomin’ cooking up on YouTube.  I’m still not sure what hit me when I saw that video, but the next day I was meeting a dude in the parking lot of Walmart to buy a used MIDI keyboard.  I had no idea at the time the grind this would become or the career it would turn out to be.  I’m constantly searching for new artists and producers to work and grow with.  One of my main focuses is a tutorial series I’ve started on YouTube to help producers and artists learn and grow.  If you’re an artist or producer looking to level up your sound, get in touch and lets work!


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